Buying a freezer in Hong Kong

We often get asked for recommendations for buying a freezer in Hong Kong and want to share some of of our best tips.

Modern freezers have become exceptionally energy efficient and expanding your freezer size is a great way to stock up on food in your home or office. It also lets you take advantage of seasonal promotions and ensure you always have food on hand for those busy days. 

There are three main types of freezers each with their own advantages; chest freezers, upright freezers and drawer freezers. 

Chest Freezers 

These are our preferred freezers due to being economical to purchase, providing a lot of freezer space, energy efficient and relatively low in weight. The weight savings makes it easier for people living in walk-up apartments or village houses with no elevator access in Hong Kong. We recommend using baskets to organise chest freezers and a small stool can be useful to reaching all the way into the bottom of the freezer. 

Upright freezers

These are a great choice for people that want to keep their freezers organised and utilise as much height as possible for smaller apartments and living situations in Hong Kong. These come in several compartments and lets you separate the food for instance a compartment for ready-meals, frozen veggies, meats, or seafood. Generally you want to store the vegetables and cooked items along the top of the freezer and un-cooked foods towards the bottom. Many upright freezers also come with defrosting functions which is convenient to avoid having to defrost the freezer from time to time.

Drawers Freezers

These freezers come in many different sizes and designs. They can be a great choice for people that don't have space in their kitchens for a full freezer and instead want to place it in the living room or hallways. Certain drawer freezers come in retro-designs, modern stainless steel or with wooden panels to fit into a modern living room. 

Freezer settings and temperature

It is generally recommended to keep your freezer at -18°C or below. We recommend you keep your freezer on the lowest possible settings as colder is generally better for keeping food at it's optimum taste and nutrition. It is also important to install your freezer on a flat surface. 

Freezer noise

There are several options for soundproofing a freezer if the compressor is keeping you up at night. Placing the freezers on a sound dampening mat will help lessen the noises from vibrations. Building the freezer into a cabinet with sound dampening materials will also help lessen the noise. 

Removal of old freezer

Since 2018 in Hong Kong all electronics sellers must provide free removal of old appliances for customers who buy new ones from them. The old appliances will then be sent to reprocessing or recycling facilities. There is also a government hotline in Hong Kong, call 2676 8888 to request a free pick-up and disposal for your old freezer.