Do you run a cafe, restaurant, clubhouse or hotel? 

In our wide range of frozen food service you will find affordable and tasty meals for your cafe, restaurant, clubhouse or hotel delivered all across Hong Kong, Kowloon, and New Territories. We also have the perfect staples to start from when creating the menu for your cafe or lunch service.

Popular foods, easy to prepare
We know that all kitchens are not able to cook everything from scratch. With GAFELL you will find ready-made bases that you can easily make into your own. For example, garnish with a slice of lemon, top with a bunch of herbs and serve with a fresh side salad. It does not have to be more difficult than that.

The food we cook is food that you can eat and feel good - every day. We combine traditional ingredients with new and exciting elements and always strive to offer healthy options without sacrificing taste and quality. All our recipes are nutritionally calculated and prepared to deliver clean nutrition and great taste. We also collaborate with our customers and will be happy to visit customers to offer personalized solutions.

Just because food preparation has to be quick, you do not have to compromise on quality. In our frozen range you will find great foods perfect at the bar, cafe, catering or at the buffet. Among the frozen range you will also find many popular portion dishes, including lasagna, risotto and stews.

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Go Green
The veggie trend is huge and vegetarian and vegan dishes are growing more and more popular. We can offer foods for everyone, no matter what kind of vegetarian or flexitarian the guests may be. The range is wide and varied. We have cooked soy pastas, soy protein, slow cooked beans and lentils, chickpeas, vegetable stocks and much more. 

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We tailor each new cafe, club or restaurant customer to match the needs and expectations of supply, environment, service and price levels. We then follow guest satisfaction and continuously work to increase satisfaction with our service. We provide inspiration and advice and our goal is to make your guests happy and satisfied.

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Food and environment

As a food producer, we have an impact on what people around Hong Kong are eating. Therefore, we are constantly working on developing our meals. Engaging in food and health matters is an important part of our work. For example, we work on minimizing transport, reducing food waste and selecting the right ingredients from sustainable sources. There is no doubt that food is affecting our environment. We work to make our impact as gentle as possible.


We are a small company with big dreams of producing great new foods. We offer food with high natural quality and positive environmental impact. Because we know that change does not happen overnight. Together we will make a difference - one bean pasta, veggie lasagna or bean stew at a time.