We take all of our food shots ourselves. Depending on what we will be using the picture for we have a different setup. We think that our food photos should show our foods natural deliciousness and still be edible. The colors and textures of our pastas should be celebrated, not muted or hidden. Here's what we do when it comes to food photography.

Packaging pictures

Product picture of Gafell spaghetti made from black beans with vegetables in the backgroundWhen taking the pictures that go on our packaging we use a Canon EOS 5D shot in natural light. We don't do some of the terrible things food photographers do to make food look good. We actually cook the foods and only use olive oil and water to add some shine to our pasta. Unfortunately these shoots take a long time and there is a lot of adjusting of basil leaves and strands of spaghetti so these foods are usually thrown away at the end of the day. We often have fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables in these shoots that we save and cook up. 

Instagram and Facebook pictures

spicy bolognese bbsThe photo's we post on instagram are usually taken with our smartphones or an entry level DSLR - Canon EOS 760D. We try to take a quick picture of the foods in natural light before digging in. 

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