Our packaging challenge is to develop the optimum packaging construction that allows us to save packaging materials and avoid food wastage. We are continually working to reduce the amount of packaging materials and selecting materials that burden the environment as little as possible.


Informed packaging

We try to maximize the value of our packaging by printing recipes on the inside of the box (lasagne sheets) or using the packaging to provide some value for our customers (the hole in the spaghetti and fettuccine boxes can be used to measure out 1 serving). Or just add some fun and games with the sleeve games printed on the inside of the sleeve of our ready meals. 

How to recycle our packaging


The paper sleeves that are wrapped around our ready meals and the paper boxes of our pastas & noodles are 100% recyclable as paper.

Plastic Film

The plastic film keeping your ready meals fresh and steamed in the microwave as well as the plastic that keeps the pastas & noodles fresh are recyclable as plastic. 

Plastic trays

The plastic trays of our ready meals are recyclable as plastic, they are made from a crystallized version of PET which is the plastic commonly found in water and soda bottles. The trays are microwave safe and oven safe in traditional ovens up to 180C°.